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Faxing and VoIP Technology
One of the big questions VoIP customers always ask is “Can I still fax effectively and securely with a VoIP phone system?” The answer is a resounding YES…with the SenderoVoice Fax Adapter. What our adapter does is facilitate the connection of ordinary analog telephones or fax machines to a voice over broadband (Vobb) Service. The SenderoVoice Fax Adapter is specifically designed for the rapidly growing business VoIP market.


• Easily connects Fax Machines to any fax solution, including premise or cloud-based
• Adapter supports up to 2 fax machines simultaneously
• Simple plug-and-play installation and activation
• Reliable and secure alternative to VoIP fax
• Connections over the open Internet


Virtual Fax Option
Another exciting option is to send a virtual fax through the CPBX portal. With this alternative you don’t even need a fax machine. Just
upload your document and the destination phone number into the portal. It sends the document to the fax machine on the other end.
It saves you paper and it has a higher send success rate!