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The SenderoVoice network is completely geo-redundant with locations on both coasts in the USA. This allows for seamless uninterrupted service to all customers in the US and Canada. SenderoVoice uses a nationwide fault-tolerant network with built-in redundancy. When reliability in your phone service should be a given, SenderoVoice delivers with 99.99% annual uptime as a trusted leader in telecommunications.
World Class Next Generation VoIP Network
• Full geo-redundancy allows the entire network to be operated out of any single location in the event of a disaster with no degradation
of service.
• Within each geo-redundant location all network elements are individually redundant.
• Intelligent dynamic geographic routing so your calls connect at the peering point closest to you no matter where you are. Also the
media is handled intelligently in the core to minimize latency.

Built in Best-of-Breed Hardened Facilities
• Secure facilities with building UPS and generators, with diesel fuel reserves on-site.
• Multiple 10G links out of each location providing capacity and redundancy.
• All locations across the country are interconnected over a double redundant ring ensuring connectivity.

Extension and Trunk Level Redundancy Protecting Your Business from Local Interruptions
• Seamlessly pass inbound calls to an alternate destination in case of broadband interruption
• PBX Controls are available per-extension so every extension can be configured with its own destination
• Fail-over is instant and automatic, so no convergence period or manual intervention needed.

Providing Next-Generation Services
• Industry leading elastic Cloud PBX services
• Easy to manage SIP trunking services
• Unmatched footprint allowing us to provide local numbers in over 8,500 rate centers in the US and Canada
• Local numbers in over 50 countries

With an Acute Awareness of the Threats Facing Communications Networks Today
• Advanced security services monitoring voice trac in real-time at all locations.
• An advanced fraud heuristics engine monitors all network trac in real-time to protect our customers.